CT Awards: Just two days to go!

CT Awards honours excellence in treasury practice throughout the Asia Pacific region and the 2018 awards at this year’s prestigious CT Week promise to be the best yet

CT Awards: Just two days to go!

Have you got a hedging strategy that sheds new light on treasury practice? Is your cash management strategy breaking new ground? Is your treasury operation expanding commercially as it onboards new technology?

If so, your story stands to collect one of the most prestigious corporate treasury awards in the Asia Pacific region.

Since 2012, the CT Awards has honoured treasury professionals that show proven vision and have broadened the treasury knowledge base within the Asia-Pacific.

Past treasury winners now form an impressive list from some of the biggest corporations in the world: Nissan Motor; Tata Steel; Bharti Airtel; Alibaba; Home Depot; Vedanta; Hong Kong’s Towngas.

In terms of banks the list of winners represents the most prestigious players in the region including HSBC, Standard Chartered, DBS and BNP Paribas.


This year the CT Awards marks a fresh departure.

We know that treasury professionals value peer review and as a result we are instituting an advisory board of current and former corporate treasurers to give their insight into the many submissions we receive.

The board – comprising Aron Akesson, consultant and former Asia head of treasury for Carlsberg, Damian Glendinning, former global head of treasury at Lenovo and Gogo Ko, President of the IACCT and department head of finance at Yue Xiu – will review the shortlisted entries.

To ensure integrity, the board will not be permitted to pitch their own company, strategy or individuals executives for an award.

“We are proud to be part of the advisory board choosing these professionals and we are expecting the competition to be intense,” said Aron Akesson.

“What makes a good treasury professional is the ability to listen, the ability to react intelligently and actively explore opportunities for improvement in a shifting landscape and, above all, dedication to their team.” 


This year we are extending our deadline on request from many of our entrants who are putting together complex submissions.

Treasury professionals, CFOs and their teams, bankers, consultants, technology vendors, accountancy firms will now have until February 22 to submit their entries for our Best Treasury and Finance Strategies.

What judges will be looking for are the 10 best examples of treasury practice in the region from accounting to zero-balance cash pooling.

Any form of treasury practice – be it hedging, risk and foreign exchange management or supply chain finance – will be eligible for an award and treasury professionals are invited to submit as many entries as they wish.

If your treasury has a revolutionary strategy, if your fintech has developed a new approach to treasury management, or if your regional treasury centre is rethinking the entire structure of operations then we want to know.


For us at Corporate Treasurer, the Marquee Awards represent the best of the best. To win one means much more than just having the technical competency to do what’s best for a business - it’s about having the strategic vision to change the culture of an organisation.

The purpose of these awards is to celebrate that vision.

Corporate treasurers (including insurance and non-banking financial institutions and their teams) are are eligible for:

  • Best Treasurer
  • Best CFO
  • Best Treasury Team
  • Best Treasury Consultant

Any individual or entity acting as a consultant on treasury matters is eligible for Best Treasury Consultant.

For these prestigious Marquee Awards we are inviting nominations from:

  • Treasurers
  • Treasury managers
  • CFOs
  • Client vendors
  • Client financial institutions (on behalf of clients)


For these awards, submissions will not be necessary.

In conjunction with Corporate Treasurer, East & Partners Asia will be conducting research that targets 1200 of the largest and most influential multinational companies by revenue split evenly across 12 of the largest economies within the Asia Pacific region.

From this comprehensive data –  with assistance from our advisory board where necessary and applying Corporate Treasurer’s unique methodology – we will establish the region’s most trusted service providers and financial institutions across all disciplines.

For the Best Transaction Banks, we will combine the above data across cash management, trade finance, supply chain finance, and FX services to establish who the best transaction banks are both in-country and also in Asia-Pacific.

There will be awards for the following country categories:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan

For the non-transaction bank House Awards we will aggregate the same data across Asia-Pacific only.

For Asia Pacific’s Best Service Providers, there will be awards in the following categories:

  • Auditor
  • ERP Provider
  • Cloud Service Provider
  • Credit Ratings Agency
  • Consultant
  • Forecasting/Budgeting
  • Software Provider
  • Investment Bank
  • Legal Advisor
  • Tax Advisor
  • TMS Provider

Once again, these House Awards will be data-driven and no submissions are necessary. If you are in the business of corporate treasury, and you have an award-winning business, then expect a call from us.

Winners will be announced at an evening awards ceremony, in Singapore, during our flagship event CTWeek from 24-25 of April 2019.