People & Strategy Nissan treasurer speaks to CT about automaker’s bond ‘deal of the year’

Nissan treasurer speaks to CT about automaker’s bond ‘deal of the year’

Nissan’s treasury vice president Rakesh Kochhar tells CT about the automaker’s more than $US8bn debt issuance in US and European capital markets


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CTWeek 2020

CFOs and group treasurers will convene to share insights and hear best practices on topics that include technology, geopolitics and the climate.


The Liquidity Crisis webinar series | The money market case study

Money market funds (MMFs), which often can be overlooked by Asian corporate treasurers, can offer flexibility to access and deploy cash quickly during a liquidity event. Although some headlines depicted MMFs in a negative light during the March and April period when market stresses were at their height, MMFs delivered on their main objectives of preservation of capital and liquidity whilst providing same-day access to cash for their investors. Further, as the economic pain of the covid-19 crisis endures and as treasurers in Asia review their liquid investment options, assessing the merits of an allocation to MMFs as a way of preserving their capital should be considered during a period of lower interest rates. As Treasurers look to the future: How will MMFs deliver yield in an era of seemingly endless lower for longer interest rates? Will the convergence of yield between prime liquidity funds and ESG-related funds continue after recovery? In what conditions should treasurers balance their risk-return objectives, given cash management is set to take a more central role in organizations’ core strategies as they typically balance, increased debt positions with lower cash yields and creased revenue drivers? The ‘Money Market Case Study’ webinar will convene experienced treasurers and MMF experts to discuss: The current: The global view of past performance during the COVID-19 pandemic market stress How to structure a cash investment program under the new norm The risk assessment process of investing in different types of asset classes (including MMFs) Case studies on practical experiences of getting access to cash quickly and in the jurisdiction that its required. The future: Balancing preservation and yield objectives in a low rate environment ESG and sustainability-linked Cash Funds